5 Names That Mean Trapped (2023)

The meaning of names is often highly significant for parents when choosing a name for their child. Many parents like to choose a name that represents a wish for their child’s future or that signifies how they felt at the time of birth.

In some cases, pregnancies and children are unwanted, and parents can feel trapped in a life they didn’t envision for themselves. While this is not an ideal situation, it can be a harsh reality. Zared, a boy’s name of Hebrew origins, or Ansa, of Finnish origins, both mean ‘trap’ and could represent the obstacle to the life you desired.

While it would be unkind to place that sort of burden on your child, names with similar connotations include Mallory, a French gender-neutral name meaning ‘unfortunate’, Tristan, a Welsh name that some sources claim means ‘sad’ or ‘sorrowful,’ or Desdemona, a Greek girl’s name meaning ‘ill-fated.’

Tristan and Desdemona are well-known literary characters, both with tragic stories. Tristan is one of the titular characters in Tristan and Isolde, a tragic love story. Desdemona was the love interest of Shakespeare’s Othello, another tragic love story. The meanings of these names have probably been heavily influenced by the stories of these characters.


Meaning: Trap
Origin: Finnish
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Ill-fated
Origin: Greek
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Unfortunate
Origin: French
Gender: Unisex


Meaning: Sad or sorrowful
Origin: Welsh
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Trap
Origin: Hebrew
Gender: Boy

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