50 Japanese Boy Names (2024)

50 Japanese Boy Names

Japanese culture is becoming more widely known throughout the world with the rise of anime. As it becomes more popular, so are Japanese names. Some of these names come from well-known characters like Hiro, meaning ‘generous’. Other names have movie-inspired meanings like Akio, meaning ‘hero,’ or Ryoma, meaning ‘dragon’. What little boy doesn’t see himself … Read more

50 Incredible Indonesian Girl Names (2024)

50 Incredible Indonesian Girl Names

Naming a child can be a daunting process, especially if you’re not looking for a traditionally American name. Choosing an Indonesian name can be a great way of honoring you and your child’s heritage, making sure they grow up to appreciate their roots. Many Indonesian names follow traditional rules, and the child takes on their … Read more

45 Aztec Baby Names (2024)

45 Aztec Baby Names

Aztec culture started in Mesoamerica, in a region that’s now part of Mexico. They were famous for their agriculture with their irrigation channels and advanced farming technology. They’ve developed a calendar system, constructed pyramids, and created their own method of hieroglyphic writing. Today, the descendants of the Aztecs are known as the Nahua. Many names … Read more

50 Names That Mean Precious (2024)

50 Names That Mean Precious

A gift as precious as a newborn baby deserves a name that reflects how valued he or she is. That’s exactly why we’ve gone out and put together a list of some of our favorite baby names that mean precious, as every parent deserves to give their child a name that matches their incomparable beauty. … Read more

50 Stunning Korean Boy Names (2024)

50 Stunning Korean Boy Names

In the past few decades, Korean culture and influence have grown exponentially. Recently, we’ve seen an explosion of music, movies, and shows rooted in Korean backgrounds. KPop bands such as BTS are touring America, and Parasite, a Korean drama, just won an Oscar! With the growth of Korean culture, Korean names have become more popular … Read more