50 Modern Baby Names (2024)

50 Modern Baby Names

Trends come and go, whether it’s fashion, food, or baby names. This is because, once you get to the point of having and naming babies, a generation has passed and new trends have emerged and cultures explored, One way to find a new name is to check out the trending charts. While the top ones … Read more

42 Girl Names Starting With U (2024)

42 Girl Names Starting With U

What better way to find a unique name for your baby than to choose one that starts with an unusual letter: ‘U’. While the letter ‘U’ is not seen in names very often, there are some beautiful names for girls. Some of the better-known girls’ names starting with ‘U’ are made famous by actresses like … Read more

50 Names That Mean Freedom (2024)

50 Names That Mean Freedom

Freedom is something that many people prize in their modern lives. Sometimes we overlook how lucky we are to be able to make our own choices and decide who we want to be. If you want to make sure your child never takes their freedom for granted, you might want to give them a name … Read more

50 Delightful Dutch Baby Names (2024)

The Netherlands is a country that is rich in history, culture, architecture, language, and of course, names. If you are Dutch and want to honor that heritage by choosing a Dutch name for your baby, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Dutch names, like the language itself, have a wonderful balance of … Read more