Key to Your Heart: 6 Names That Mean Key (2023)

Keys are important. They can lock things into place, open doors, or when paired with a lock, symbolize two things that are meant to be together. If you feel that way about your child, choosing a name that means ‘key’ is a great way of signaling the bond between you.

Tallika is a Sanskrit girl’s name meaning ‘key’. It sounds similar to Talia (meaning morning dew), which is more familiar to the Western ear but provides a unique twist that will help your daughter stand out. For a boy, Xavi, an Indian name meaning ‘key’ does a similar thing, sounding like Xavier, a Spanish name meaning ‘bright’ but with a twist to make it different.

You might say that your son or daughter holds the key to your heart. In this case, a gender-neutral name like Kai, meaning ‘keeper of the keys’ would be ideal. Kai appears in many cultures around the world, and the name has various meanings depending on the origin you choose.

Just to name a few, in Greece, Scandinavia, and Wales, it means ‘keeper of the keys’, in Hawaii and Japan it means ‘ocean’, and in Germany, it means ‘warrior.’ With so many meanings, you or your child could decide on the meaning that has the most significance to you.


Meaning: keeper of the keys
Origin: Greek
Gender: Unisex


Meaning: Just, Upright, Fair, Righteous, Key
Origin: English
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Keeper of the Keys
Origin: English
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Key. Opener
Origin: Muslim
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Key
Origin: Sanskrit
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Key
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy

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